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Create an employment asset from your organization, one that makes its people feel that they care about the workplace, just like their home...

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Cultivating the interpersonal resource is a crucial factor for the success of the organization.

The H.E.R.O model provides a managerial innovation perspective from an integral awareness, based on creating a deep emotional connection and developing social intelligence in the organization.

Managing people who are satisfied is challenging…

  • Are you aware that a large turnover of employees is the main "Achilles' heel" of many organizations, which are harmed both financially and in the waste of the organization's resources?

  • Have you encountered a situation, where suddenly a manager or a key person considered in a company is considering leaving unexpectedly and you are in awe eager to avoid it from happening??

  • Do you feel that there is sometimes a compromise on recruiting new procurement because of the supply of workers in the market?

  • Did you know that conflicts and disagreements in the workplace, the difference in the manner of management and other sediments between personnel - are mainly those that harm the quality of task performance and the general morale in the work environment?

"All the problems in the world are due to dis-integration, lack of connection between subsystems.In the human body, disintegration can manifest as a disease,In a large body like a company or organization, disintegration will manifest itself as a lack of communication between people that can lead to a crisis and even a crash.The lack of communication is expressed in the lack of feeling for the needs of others and the unwillingness to consider it. "

Ichak Kalderon Adizes - A global expert in management and organizational behavior

We specialize in creating an optimal social climate to strengthen human resilience, by improving the quality of relationships and assimilating optimal behavioral-social norms.

raises "OCB"

(Organizational Citizenships Behaviors) a term that explains how much employees contribute and how much they give of themselves, beyond what is written in the contract.

Emotional human climate

Provide its people with confidence and inspiration, and will create a positive internal organizational image for the organization, which increases the employees' sense of belonging and meaning.

Sense of belonging

Creating a meaningful emotional culture in the organization increases employees' sense of belonging to the organization


Imparting SOFT SKILLS, related to social skills, communication skills, social intelligence - which gives the organization emotional resilience and the ability to properly steer the work environment to optimal performance.


Human Emotional Resilience in the organization is examined and reflected by the ability of employees to produce meaningful relationships that increase the benefit and productivity of the organization.

Optimal emotional culture

Creating meaningful relationships between colleagues are the cornerstones of organizational success. This is especially noticeable in meeting challenges, innovation and even dealing with conflicts.

The quality of the network of relationships gives a person inner flexibility to deal with conflicts and crises - which increases his ability to withstand the ups and downs and challenges of life change.


Ortal Bracha Elbaz
Consul, Israeli Embassy in Croatia

Human Emotional Resilience for Organizations (H.E.R.O)  knows how to help individuals work as a cohesive group, where all members feel invested in the direction and accomplishments of the team. 
Anyone looking to help to build a stronger team, by showing the team what it means to work well in a group, would be lucky to cooperate with professionals as Roey and Orit Taub.

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Petra Kolega
Sales Manager A.O.R Ltd

In my work, it has been shown that continuous work and investing in the social aspect, in individuals and teams contribute to better functionality and productivity.  Workers are more motivated, give more meaning to the work itself and also to the importance of each individual in the team.

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